The map page tells you where I was, this page tells you where I will be. I know there are a few people out there that might be meeting me along the way, this is the best way to pick a place, but remember to let me know unless you're really super-confident you can find me and want to make it a surprise :-) The trail doesn't actually go through most of these towns so you'd need to find where it crosses the highway and be around there. It may be a long wait.
If you are thinking about sending me anything while I am away, please read the notes at the bottom of this page first. The dates with grey backgrounds are estimated and will change as I get closer to that place.
CampoThursday April 19th

Mt LagunaSaturday April 21st

Warner SpringsWednesday April 25th
General Delivery
Warner Springs
CA 92086

IdyllwildFriday May 4th
General Delivery
Idyllwild, CA 92549

Big Bear CityWednesday May 9th
General Delivery
Big Bear City
CA 92314

WrightwoodWednesday May 16th
General Delivery
CA 92397

Agua DulceMonday May 21st
c/o The Saufleys
11861 Darling Road
Agua Dulce
CA 91390

TehachapiSunday May 27th
General Delivery
CA 93581

OnyxSaturday June 2nd
General Delivery
CA 93255

Kennedy MeadowsSunday June 3rd
Kennedy Meadows Gen. Store
PO Box 3A-5
CA 93527

Red's MeadowSunday June 24th

Tuolumne MeadowsTuesday June 26th
General Delivery
Tuolumne Meadows
CA 95389

Sonora PassFriday June 29th

MarkleevilleSunday July 1st

Echo Lake ResortMonday July 2nd
General Delivery
Echo Lake
CA 95721

Pooh CornerWednesday July 4th
c/o Bill & Molly Person
PMB 154
11448 Deerfield Drive
CA 96161

Sierra CityMonday July 9th
General Delivery
Sierra City
CA 96125

BeldenSaturday July 14th
General Delivery
CA 95915

ChesterMonday July 16th

Old StationWednesday July 18th
General Delivery
Old Station
CA 96071

Burney Falls State ParkSunday July 22nd

CastellaWednesday July 25th
General Delivery
CA 96017

EtnaSunday July 29th

Seiad ValleyTuesday July 31st
General Delivery
Seiad Valley
CA 96086

AshlandSaturday August 4th
General Delivery
OR 97520

Hyatt Lake ResortMonday August 6th
Hyatt Lake Resort
7979 Hyatt Prairie Road
OR 97520

Via UPS only!
Crater Lake Post OfficeThursday August 9th
General Delivery
Crater Lake National Park
OR 97604

Cascade SummitWednesday August 15th

Elk Lake ResortThursday August 16th
Elk Lake Resort
Century Dr (P.O. Box 789)
OR 97709

Big Lake Youth CampTuesday August 21st

Olallie Lake Guard StationThursday August 23rd
Olallie Lake Resort
c/o USFS Estacada Station
959 NW Industrial Way
OR 97023

Timberline LodgeSaturday August 25th

Cascade LocksMonday August 27th
General Delivery
Cascade Locks
OR 97014

Trout lakeFriday August 31st

White PassMonday September 3rd
White Pass P.O.
(The Kracker Barrel Store)
48851 US Highway 12
WA 98937

SnoqualmieSaturday September 8th

SkykomishWednesday September 12th
Dinsmore's River Haven
PO Box 374,Skyomish. WA, 98288

StehekinMonday September 17th
General Delivery
WA 98852

Manning ParkSaturday September 22nd
Manning Park Lodge
General Delivery
East Gate
7500 Highway #3
Manning Park, BC
V0X 1R0

I plan to organise my own resupply packages for towns that are small and don't have a suitable food shop. That being said I am listing some places here that you can send things to if you really feel like it, especially letters because they'll (probably) make me happy and weigh nearly nothing. But there are some things that need to be taken into consideration.
  • I'm not going to go to every post office/town along the way to ask if they have any post. I may not even go into town at all if I have enough food to make it to the next one. Nor am I going to walk back a few days to pick up mail I missed. It is for this reason that surprise packages won't work. You can let me know by emailing "". This address will change as soon as the spammers find it so check this page just before sending the email.
  • One of the most important things to remember is to tell me that there is something to pick up and if it is letter sized or package sized. If it is brightly coloured and easily visible then that's even better.
  • I have to carry everything with me or send it home, and some places are pick-up only so I might have to bin it. As Yogi says "If you send cute little stuffed animals, or toys, or books, I'll have to turn around and mail those home, 'cause I can't take them on the trail with me".
  • Since the dates are only estimates it is a good idea to send things with enough time to arrive a week early. It's possible I'll walk faster than I have estimated but in reality I'm more likely to slip in a few zero days and push the schedule out. I really don't expect to finish in mid-September
  • When addressing the box/letter start it with "Hold for PCT Hiker: Craig Stanton    ETA: (date)", that way they know to put it in the pile of mail for the dirty tramp-like people with sleeping mats, worn out and facial hair (a.k.a hiker trash).
  • Don't use FedEx and make sure I don't have to sign for it.