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2007-05-10 Big Bear City

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

A full “zero day” though I managed to squeeze in some walking anyway.

I got my replacement PocketMail device, but it wasn’t easy. When I told the post office guy I was expecting a box he only looked in the box area and told me there was nothing. I checked with PocketMail and they said it was here 5 days ago, so I forced the issue with the post office and found it in the envelope pile because it was a package not a box. I’ve learned to be more general next time and get them to check everywhere.

Lots of hiker folk in town today. Adam (Salt Lick) and Mr Pink were the two faces that stayed around the most. Nature’s Inn is a fantastic place, great discount for us PCTers and they let 4 of us share one room at no extra cost, which is why I am crammed on the floor beside a futon and a pile of food and gear. Being in town has been fun but it’s crazy expensive and I’m ready to move on. We walked to the movies after a full dinner because the waitress said it was less than a mile. Never trust a non-hiker to guess such short distances. The difference between 1 and 2 miles on foot is a lot and it took some of us 40 minutes to get there.

During the movie I managed to totally zone out. I could have been in Takapuna with the gang, I forgot where I was and why I am here. Coming out of that trance was a shock, I was really taken aback and the need to get going was strong. The next stretch is mostly downhill for 80 miles so my heavy food bag shouldn’t slow me down too much but a Friday night in a town could be fun too. Nice trail angels and new hikers to meet. Tomorrow morning will tell.
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