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Not So Scary

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

I came eyeball to eyeball with a bear, and they’re not so scary, but first….

At 6am a van load headed for Campo. Davey and Bruce starting that morning, Craig and Scout just watching for now. While they prepared to get on with the walking two more were dropped off, Stacy and Rachel, and two others were already on their way. 6 in just the short time we were there means it’s just about hitting peak season I think.
This time tomorrow I’ll be a hardened hiker. Sweaty and dirty as I trudge my way north to Canada. But I’m not there yet. More granola to buy, a food shipment to send, and things to see.
Yesterday I made it to San Diego Zoo. I walked up there from down town (by way of many computer stores in an effort to fix my stupid memory cards that only work in my camera not any computer) and therefore I didn’t have much time. I did have time to see the bears and they’re pretty laid back creatures.

Not So Scary Bears

The polar bears were more active. Wrestling with each other right in front of the glass and keeping all the tourists very interested. I had to high-tail it out of there in time to help Scout (Barney) with an airport run. Last night there were four of us interlopers at the Mann residence, tonight there will be seven!

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