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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Since November I have been, and continue to be, happily employed at a scientific institute in Auckland, New Zealand as one of their software developers. It’s a world away from the daily marathons I walked across Japan, struggling to understand and be understood. No more fascinating local customs or idiosyncrasies pick up on (though our team does cover a nicely varied background), no more hunting around for a place to sleep or comparing foods by their calories to Yen ratio. But I just heard about an oppourtunity I couldn’t let pass me by. Queensland Tourism is looking for an island caretake (read: promotional agent/blogwriter etc) to live on Hamilton Island for six months. Applications are done by way of videos and this is mine. I’d appreciate you taking the time to watch it and vote. It’s only 1min long and it’d really change my life in a crazy and most welcome way.