2007-09-23 Sleeping in Seattle

September 23rd, 2007

The loss of the trail still has me dazed. Luckily there haven’t been any major decisions apart from transport. Lucky Joe left us at Manning Park, preferring to hitch over the greyhound bus. I’d have preferred it too but I have a schedule and didn’t want to risk it. I didn’t get much time to really experience Canada on this trip. Potential 178 (last seen at The Saufleys’) is a local but won’t be back for a few days. I’ll find a way to catch up with him another time.


We are the champions

The first bus was to Vancouver and the second to Seattle. I managed to nod off a few times and finally woke as we left Interstate 5 and entered the city about 10:30pm. Across Lake Union was the iconic Space Needle, brightly lit and reflected in the calm water. I didn’t expect to appreciate man-made beauty so quickly after coming out of the woods. So much of what we’d been driven through was just plain ugly cities.

Following Wandering Jew’s (last seen at Hiker Town) directions we found his place and let ourselves in. The PCT is a pretty cool community where a phone call to someone you spent a few hours in the shade with, four months and 2100 miles ago, can get you a place to stay in a strange city when they’re not even home. One thing to note though. Capitol Hill is an understatement. The last climb of the day was totally unexpected.

Distance today: 0 miles. Total distance: 2663.5 miles

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3 Responses to “2007-09-23 Sleeping in Seattle”

  1. Bex Says:

    ARGH Craig I am raging that my new job managed to take up all my time last week and I therefore missed the momentous occasion of you stepping over the border and completing the PCT!!! I am also upset that it looks like my package did not reach you in Manning Park due to the fact that you arrived there a few days earlier than I expected (a fact that I would have noticed earlier had I had the chance to check your progress!).

    However, those feelings are nothing compared to the happiness and pride I feel for you completing something that you have worked so hard for over the last few months. It has been tough and you have had your down moments but you kept it together and kept on going and now you have done it!! I am so proud of you my friend and although I won’t be at home to congratulate you in person I am sending loads of virtual hugs your way! xxx

  2. Jan and Jim Hawkins Says:

    Craig, we are thrilled for you and very proud to have met you even before mile 0. You are an outstanding writer and we hope you’ll indulge your talent. Keep our number as you are always welcome here in San Diego.

    Jan and Jim

  3. Nivi Says:

    Craig, unfortunately my flitting to and from countries meant I missed out on your continuous PCT progress – as if to prove a point, I was on a plane from London to NZ on your last day on the trail!

    Anyway, echoing the sentiments of all other comment leavers, I’m so proud of you! I swear I’ve mentioned you to almost every single person I’ve met travelling “My mate is walking from Mexico to Canada!”

    What an amazing achievement! And one I dont think I can fully appreciate, but it doesn’t stop me from being so proud of you! :) And I’m SOOOO glad that I’m back in NZ now so I can give you the hugest hugs when you return victorious!

    Lots of love