2007-09-22 epilogue

September 22nd, 2007

My mind is still reeling from the sudden changes but at least my body is at rest. My feet look a little puffed and I prefer it to the thin, pale and wrinkled toes I had yesterday. The scars on my hips are still with me but I know they’ll fade for today I am not hiking. I’m done and the last five months seem like a blur. Even entering Washington seems like a life time ago. The High Sierras, where I met my team mates Lucky Joe, Angelhair and Rigatoni, is just a dream now.

My dreams of failure stopped after Stehekin. After that I dreamt once of returning home triumphant but the other nights were too disturbed to dream at all. Last night I can’t even remember. I know I was in a bed and the cold and the rain and the wind were locked outside away from me.

Now I have to find my way home. I’m in the wrong country and the authorities don’t even know yet.

Rigatoni has just told me about the CFT which sounds like a good idea. The Couch to Fridge Tour :-)


Distance today: 0 miles. Total distance: 2663.5 miles

6 Responses to “2007-09-22 epilogue”

  1. Bob Woodford Says:


    You have completed a great adventure and challange that will remain with you for life. Enjoy the rewards given.

    Your biggest challange that lies ahead may be finding another adventure that will keep your mind and soul at peace with itself.


  2. Emily Rowe Says:

    Congratulations Craig :-) I don’t know what to say to someone who has done what you have done, it’s just such a massive achievement, a hugely inspiring achievement to a fellow walker (although reading this I feel more like a couch potato!). Now what will I read everyday before work to get me going? I like the photos above, they speak a thousand words. I hope the journey back to NZ goes well.

  3. Paul Barale (father of Blue Sky) Says:

    Congratulations on an amazing achievement! You have truly accomplished something most of us don’t even (realistically) dream of being able to do. Thanks again for being so kind to Caitlin. If you’re in the area, please stop by – we’d love to chat and take you out to dinner. Have a great trip home to New Zealand and enjoy your year and a half of summer
    -Paul and Kathy

  4. Vic Miller Says:

    You don’t know me. Bob Woodfords wife, Judy works for me.
    What a wonderful experiance!!! Congratulations!! I have hiked on many of the trails you have been on in the Sierra and have really enjoyed your web site. Your pictures are wonderful and bring back some good memories. I must ask, did you do the whole trip in tennis shoes??? Again, CONGRATULATIONS !

    Vic Miller

  5. Craig Says:

    Thanks Vic. Tennis shoes may mean different things to different people. I wore regualr walking shoes the whole way. Pretty much everyone did. Hiking boots are heavy and considering the number of times I was lifting each foot I thought I would save myself a lot of effort. I hear there is a theory that 1 pound on your feet takes the same effort as 4 pounds on your back. So lighter shoes means you can stuff more food in your bag!

    I went through 4 pairs. Quickly wore out some New Balance trainers I started with and I still have the last pair of Montrail Continential Divides, they’ve got holes in the toes but they are sooo comfy.

  6. Craig "scatman" Fowler Says:

    SunWalker!!! How the hell are you? I hoped we might hook up when you came through Seattle. We’ll just have to keep in touch and someday I’ll have to come to your island and visit you.
    Drop me an email to my yahoo account and let’s catch up.