2007-09-21 The final countdown

September 21st, 2007

The call came from the Noodleheads’ tent and we all agreed, today was not a day to start early. Everyone’s shoes were frozen solid. Lucky Joe only has one pair of hiking socks with him and they were as stiff as wood too. I packed up slowly allowing time for my damp clothes to thaw a little. The last thing I did before stepping back on to the trail was swap the nice thick socks Anna sent me, for my normal ones and put on my shoes. Instantly my feet were freezing and my toes were almost numb before I could get very far. But the feeling came back and with mostly clear skies we trundled on. During the day the skies became greyer and with a cold bite to the wind it really felt like winter was arriving. The rain held off until the last few miles before camp and then it slowed enough for me to set up this tent for the last time.


Under grey skies

It’s only 15 miles to Canada from here. It’d have to be pretty strong rain to stop us now but it wouldn’t take much to make it miserable. Tomorrow I’ll complete the Pacific Crest Trail and truly be a thru-hiker, then I’ll get a warm shower and a bed.

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Distance today: 21.9 miles. Total distance: 2640.5 miles

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6 Responses to “2007-09-21 The final countdown”

  1. Alison Says:

    Hope the sun shines for you all.


  2. Wyrdwind Says:

    Last day on the trail must be a heady experience rife with trail magic, nostalgia and a growing sense of accomplishment. I can’t wait to hear of it! Also, I hope to hear of all the reunion goings on after the trail ends – perspectives of other hikers, too. You rock, man.

  3. josephinestagg Says:

    Woo Hoo, you did it well done Craigy Boy!! we’re celebrating here by baking cup cakes and eating them we’ll raise a few in your honour. Jed likes the sound of the noddleheads and sends you big congratulations. lots of rest, lots of food, lots of warmth and lots of clean pants at last. I know they’re all looking forward to your safe return at McCrystal Ave, we’ll just have to wait to catch up with you next year. Take it easy love Josephine and Jed xx

  4. James Says:

    Almost there – you must be able to smell the maple syrup and pancakes! :)

  5. Anna Says:

    When you finish, despite the weather, make sure you remember to dump your pack, run and dance around like a manaic and let off some wildman whoops. You can’t just complete the trail, you have to COMPLETE the trail ;-)

  6. Roger Says:

    “run and dance around like a manaic and let off some wildman whoops.”

    and we want to see a video of that. Get one of the noodleheads to film it for us.