2007-09-19 Stung

September 19th, 2007

We left Stehekin at last and are now firmly on our last stretch to the border. One more muffin from the bakery and I was good to go.

Lucky Joe, Angelhair, Rigatoni and I walked tightly together almost all day. We talked about all manner of stuff and generally passed the time through an unexciting section. The highlight of the day was the wasp nest Lucky Joe spotted. He stepped in to the bushes to get a photo while I waited for my turn on the trail. As he turned to leave he knocked the bush and shook the hive. As I leaned in for a photo he started swearing and jumping around. He’d been stung on the wrist and I turned back to see the swarm coming out to defend their spot. One landed on my right hand. I shook it like crazy while backing away but before I knew it I’d been stung on my left. For a while it was a little stiff and swollen but it had passed by lunch time.

The only road crossing today was a cheery place called Rainy Pass. From there it’s just over 60 miles to the border and in that stretch we’ll cross Glacier Pass, Windy Pass, Foggy Pass, Woody Pass and go below Blizzard Peak and Frosty Pass.

I’m wrapped up in bed already and definitely the coldest I’ve been in a long time. But better cold than wet.

Quote of the day: “La-la-la-Last” – Angelhair excited about starting Section L

Distance today: 21.2 miles. Total distance: 2595.3 miles

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