2007-09-14 Living off the land

September 14th, 2007

As soon as it began getting light I could see the low cloud above us. We hadn’t walked far when a light shower came through but it stopped before we bothered with rain gear. Not much later we had reached the ridge and were looking down on thick white cloud that stayed in those valleys all day. On the other side of the hill it was totally clear and we criss-crossed the ridge a few times.

Just before White Pass we met a pair of hunters coming the other way. I wanted to ask if rifle season was early this year, but being snarky to some random guys with guns isn’t exactly a good idea.

By lunch time we were at Red Pass looking down a very high-sierra like valley. Unlike yesterday’s rushed affair we took our time. Rigatoni even fell asleep. I lay in the sun, reading another of Bex’s letters and getting ready for the descent. All morning it had felt like afternoon so I needed a proper rest to keep me going.

Down we went and we began the official PCT that had been mostly abandoned since 2003 when a big storm washed away bridges. A detour was set up around the eastern side of Glacier Peak but last winter that was wrecked too so crews have been busy repairing the original trail. It looks like we timed it perfectly because at least three major creeks have been bridged since Scatman came through. Sitkum Creek is still a mess and finding the trail took a while. For me Kennedy Creek was worse. Though we were at water level it was fast, cold and murky and we had to cross on branches not logs.

I counted 84 blowdowns that we had to get over, crawl under or walk around. And we’re not even in the section that Scatman said was tough.

I’ve finally given in and set up Vortex & Blue Sky’s tent. There are clouds in the valley and I’m not confident I’d be dry in the morning.


Bear’s Head Mushroom

Today I ate a wild mushroom, though it looked more like cauliflower to me. “Bear’s head” the Noodleheads called it and true to their word it did taste a bit like seafood. I thought crab-sticks, they thought lobster. I’m also still eating blueberries and huckleberries though they are smaller and not as sweet as the ones before Steven’s Pass.

Question of the day: If you could have five houses anywhere in the world, where would they be?

Distance today: 23.4 miles. Total distance: 2523.6 miles

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  1. Scout and Frodo Says:

    Heaps/Sunwalker/Craig: Great to get your phone call and the messages. We picked it up at Timberline two weeks ago and today we are in Snoqualamie. Our son Sean is joining us tonight to hike from here to Steven’s Pass. If I count on my fingers right, you may well be finishing today or tomorrow. Good on you! We are hanging in there, but really felt hammered by the rain. We’ll take off tomorrow morning continueing to follow our prime directive, head north. give our best to those further north. Scout (and Frodo)