2007-09-11 Four Pass Day

September 11th, 2007

I had trouble sleeping last night. Perhaps it was a fraction colder than it has been for a while or perhaps the ground was lumpy. Whatever it was I got plenty of chances to observe the moonless night and the milky-way sparkling above me. As always I had trouble keeping my eyes open for any amount of time, but I was awake enough to observe the stars rotating throughout the night.


Ice on my sleeping mat

When I finally came time to move I found my sleeping bag wetter than ever before on the trail. That’s what you get for sleeping out in the open near a lake. The first pass, Cathedral, was remarkably easy. It was still cool out and I hardly paused at all. Deception Pass was very tame. Buried in the woods like that it’s hardly worth mentioning anyway. Down a long way then up to Pieper Pass which was too steep to have lunch on so we trotted down the switchbacks to a more level setting and rested there. Lucky Joe has been filming like crazy throughout the entire trail and here he got us talking about the last 200 miles and how we’re feeling about it. I’m physically feeling ok. A bit worn out and glad for a rest tomorrow, but mentally is where I really need the rest. I’m amazed I’ve come this far feeling ready for the end for so long and I’m very glad to still be on the trail when I know I could have left at any time.

The final pass was a tough one. The switchbacks were tight and steep but at least the ground was soft. For no particular reason at all I stormed up that one very quickly, running in parts, and was very thankful for a well shaped rock on which to sit and get my breath back when I was done.

Quote of the day: “Are you talking to us from waaay over across the lake” – Angelhair
“Yes, I’m talking to you from the other siiide” – Heaps in a spooky voice

Distance today: 22.4 miles. Total distance: 2468.2 miles

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One Response to “2007-09-11 Four Pass Day”

  1. Peter Says:

    Maybe that was why it was called Deception Pass… It sounds like a big deal but really isn’t?