2007-09-09 Effort and Reward

September 9th, 2007

Leaving Snoqualmie Pass I knew it was going to be a hard day. A few days ago I had looked north to what Rolling Thunder would call my “destiny horizon” and now I was there, climbing that horizon. Not far up the hill two nice trail runners overtook me and then I knew it was going to be a good day too.


Alpine flowers

Higher and higher the trail went. At least a dozen section and day hikers came down before I got to The Catwalk where it suddenly bursts from the trees into an alpine wonderland. If I had a whole book of superlatives I couldn’t do the scenery justice. The sky was clear blue, the valleys green and the mountains steep and beautiful.

The road ahead


The Catwalk

Most of the day was traversing around ridges, cirques and down to saddles between lakes. The databook does a very poor job of capturing the ups and downs of the day but I really don’t mind this time because it was all worth it. Even the terrible descent. Innumerable switchbacks wound their way down Delate Creek and then a flatter trip over to where the Noodleheads and I have camped. They got here first and marked where they left the trail by writing “Noods” with sticks. I’ve told them that it’s not usually spelled that way but I don’t know if they got my joke.

Noodleheads this way

Today’s food fantasy: A Memphis Meltdown ice-cream. Smooth vanilla ice-cream, coated in chocolate, dipped in gooey caramel, coated again in premium chocolate. mmmmm

The road ahead

Distance today: 22.5 miles. Total distance: 2424.3 miles

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5 Responses to “2007-09-09 Effort and Reward”

  1. Rolling Thunder Says:

    So that’s what it looks like! It was 20m vis when we did the catwalk. Really enjoying your hike and your blog.

  2. Denis Says:

    Hi Thunder. I want to say thank you for your PCT2006-RT journal, which I just finished. I’ve been reading it sporadically, keeping about a week ahead of SunWalker’s progress to get an idea of the country he’s heading into next. It’s been great knowing you through your writing


  3. Denis Says:

    You can see larger version of the photo above at

    This applies to all the photos in this journal. The pictures are stored in three sizes. If you copy a photo URL from the page source and then change the word “images” to images10″ you get the 1000-pixel wide version.

  4. Anna Says:

    Incredible landscape! And nicely captured in your photos! You could be in Switzerland…

  5. Alison Says:

    Hard indeed to find the right words to describe this incredible scenery. Thank you for giving us the pleasure of being armchair travellers along your remarkable journey.