2007-09-07 The last cowboy?

September 7th, 2007

Another Washington night. I didn’t bother with a tent because it was pretty clear when I went to sleep but this morning I woke in a cloud and the mist was condensing on the trees and falling on my sleeping bag. I couldn’t get out so I just went deeper in. Eventually though I had to move. I wore rain-pants this morning. Not because it was actually ever raining but I knew everything I touched would be wet. I walked for many miles without seeing much, imagining the mist in front of me was thinner than that behind. I stood on the north ridge of Blowout Mountain and looked down to the basin that had sunlight. What a different day they were having down there.

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Trail magic!

I passed Lizard and then Easy in the morning but I didn’t catch the Noodleheads and Lucky Joe until they stopped for lunch, about 21 miles from where I camped. The four of us walked together all afternoon. Now the sunshine was out and we just nattered on. Occasionally we caught glimpses of the North Cascades. Those ominous peaks up ahead that look like miniature Sierras with jagged snow tipped peaks and many hidden valleys across which we will trek.
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The last cowboy camp?

We stopped at Mirror Lake and a little while later Easy, Lizard and finally A-Train rolled in. He’d done a 34 yesterday expecting to catch me which is cool.

Distance today: 28.3 miles. Total distance: 2392.7 miles

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3 Responses to “2007-09-07 The last cowboy?”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Real cowboys don’t have expensive sleeping bags. ;)
    lol Keep it up. See you soon,

  2. Peter Says:

    Haha! Burn!

  3. Alison Says:

    Good to read that you are sharing this part of the journey with friends made along the way.