2007-09-04 Staying put

September 4th, 2007

The Noodleheads, Easy Mac and Lizard set off this morning. I however decided to stay put. The clouds have rolled in and out and hiking in rain doesn’t appeal to me at all. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Speedstick, A-Train and Geyser stayed too so we’ve all got a smaller room than last night and have watched enough hamburger for the brain to last me to Canada.

Lucky Joe came and went, moving fast to reach Skykomish for a dentist appointment the Dinsmores have set up for him.


Lucky Joe heading out

Weather forecasts hint at the week getting better so I’m getting out early tomorrow and getting back on track.

More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Cascade Locks to White Pass

Distance today: 0 miles. Total distance: 2302.8 miles

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One Response to “2007-09-04 Staying put”

  1. Wyrdwind Says:

    Hi Craig, keep up the pace if you can. I don’t know how many miles to go but you say three weeks? Y’all are supermen to us weekend warriors. It must be somewhat cold in Washington. I’m going on my last backpack of the season here at 10k in Colorado this coming week, so temps must be comparable there. Days are fine, nights are chilly. Using a tarp this week. I hope all your food fantasies come true.