2007-08-31 Logistics

August 31st, 2007

Damned logistics are still bothering me when I thought I had this all sorted. Sometime this morning I recalled that I’d be reaching Snoqualime on the weekend, so picking up the memory cards I just asked Dad to send me is going to be hard unless I really speed up or slow right down. And now, after doing 31 miles to fit the new aggressive schedule I’ve found out I sent him the wrong zip code anyway. Bugger.

Other than that and running lots of numbers through my head the day has been great. I got a cooked breakfast from a group of horse riders at Crest Campground. Two mums, two kids, a sick dog and Sarah, a very quiet 20-something with square black-rimmed glassed and a Mediterranean look.


I caught Vlad not much later and we hiked the rest of the day together. Sometimes in silence, sometimes sharing stories and discussing Japanesey things.

I’ve been asking all southbounders for news of the Noodleheads and usually they had passed them an hour or more ago, but this afternoon when someone said “yeah, they’re on the bridge around the corner” I practically ran down the trail to find them. So now the four of us and Jo, who finishes her multi-year section hike of Washington tomorrow, are camped near Trout Lake Creek. Vlad is planning 29 mile days until the end. It’s really tempting to be done in 15 days but I’m pretty sure I’d collapse before Canada at that pace. Yay for catching the Noodleheads. Fingers-crossed I can sort out the postage stuff.


More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Cascade Locks to White Pass

Distance today: 31 miles. Total distance: 2232.5 miles

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