2007-08-23 I can see WA from here

August 23rd, 2007

From today’s high point, a tough 2,700ft above last night’s camp, I could see Mount St. Helens in Washington. Also in view were Mount Adams, Mount Hood and behind us was Mount Jefferson.

The first thing we had to do was cross Milk Creek. The water itself was easy to get across but after a major washout last year the tricky bit is getting down to the edge. The bank now consists of a 15ft slope of loose grit and rock but taken slowly it was passable.


Milk Creek

Before the final push to that viewful crest the trail crossed a plateau that reminded me of the high sierras with the little tarns, paths worn down through soft soil and granite lumps protruding.

At the top I took the time to make a snow-cone. I used a cut-up Gatorade bottle as the scoop and Emergen-C as the flavouring and it was good. So good Rigatoni even made one too, which was fair since he gave me the idea way back at the 1/3 mark.


The snow cone and friends

The descent to Olallie Lake went pretty quickly as I wondered hard about what was in the mystery resupply box, courtesy of BlueSky’s mum, that awaited me there. I was not disappointed. The big pasta meals, complete with oil in a sealed packet, the bars and dried fruit selections. I’m thinking I might even gain weight on this section :-)

Lucky Joe wasn’t so lucky this time. I asked at the store and his package hadn’t arrived so I’ve left him Blue Sky’s portion of the food and hope that will see him through.

This used to say PCT but someone thought that was too useful

For the second night running Angelhair has said how much those two enjoy hiking with me, and tonight she said it would be nice to reach the end together. They’re a cool couple and I’d like that but it’s still 600 miles away and all sorts of stuff can change our plans in that time.

More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Bend to Little Crater Lake

Distance today: 25.2 miles. Total distance: 2059.1 miles

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3 Responses to “2007-08-23 I can see WA from here”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    I’m glad things are working out for you and that you found some folks to hike with. I know how lonely it can get hiking hours and hours on end by yourself. if you need more food, please please let me know – I have tons.

  2. Peter Says:

    When does Craig not need more food ;)

  3. Craig Says:

    Thanks Caitlin. I’ve already sent on food to pretty much everywhere I’m going except the “S” town which has a convenience store near the trail. I forget which place it is. I’m pretty confident I can get though, especially if I eat all these chocolate brownies your mum packed into the tent package :-)