2007-08-19 WIRD

August 19th, 2007

Today was my first WIRD (Weather Induced Rest Day). That name was cooked up by the Noodleheads, another reason they’re cool to hike with.

More general eating and lazing was the order of the day. Everyone else, that being Tradja, Jess, Angelhair, Rigatoni and Rumble, went out for a bit more shopping during the day while I sat on the couch and watched movies. I suppose I thought about the rest of the trail too. Though there are 700 more miles to see I feel very close to the end. I’m 30 miles from the 3/4 mark so it’s not like stopping here is enough to be considered complete. I am not even considering stopping here, not now, not when it’s getting down to just a mental thing. I’ve sent all my food on. I just need to turn up and walk. That’s easy.

When the shoppers returned we fell into a gear weighing contest. We’ve all made some changes to our gear here, mine being in the rain protection area. I’m sending my Macpac rain jacket and Dry-Ducks jacket on and borrowing Tradja’s Marmot Precip. If it works out then I’ll probably buy one soon. Only $100USD and very light.

I’m accustomed to my stuff weighing more than everyone else’s but my hat was the lightest. IceBreaker saves the day :-)

I fulfilled my chocolate and bananas food fantasy, then my ice-cream and chocolate fantasy, then pizza, and more ice-cream. Calorie wise I’m pretty well taken care of.


Calorie loading

The sun did shine on Bend today but not up there in Three Sisters Wilderness. From Tradja and Jess’ back deck we can see where the mountains should be but instead we’re faced with a foreboding wall of cloud, from which an alien space ship (a la Independence Day) could emerge. It’s just hanging there covering the hills. It may even be snowing up there and the forecast for tomorrow doesn’t sound great either. It’s 42 miles to Big Lake Youth Camp. Too far for one day so I expect I’m back in my little nylon box tomorrow.

More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Mt Thielsen to Bend

Distance today: 0 miles. Total distance: 1959.3 miles

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One Response to “2007-08-19 WIRD”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Just having a break from study and catching up on the blog. Wowza youza gotza lotza photos! You probably can’t see on the computers you are using but using the carousel view you almost get the panoramas a row of separate pictures is going to be used to make up.
    *sigh* I wish school would accept Weather Induced Rest Days lol.
    Lots of love,