2007-08-12 Craters and Meteors

August 12th, 2007

Today was mostly about departures. Levi and Sarah flying home to Boulder. Claudia and Vic heading north to a big RV gathering and my return to the trail.


I gots my slushie!

At the ranch I repacked everything. Claudia gave me bags and bags of dried fruit from their trees and I ziplocked up a selection to take now and mail ahead. From Crater Lake I’m taking six days of food and five liters of water. I’m back up to 143lbs (still down seven from the start) and my pack is back up to 56lbs. The good news is it’ll never be this heavy again. Water shortages will never reach 25 miles again and I’ll only do one more six day stretch.


The Lively’s backpack

The Lively RV is quite a thing to behold. A wonderful home on wheels and I was treated to a couple of hours in it today. It’s the other end of the scale for taking your life with you compared to my backpack, and I could easily be tempted to do it their way next time. First we dropped Levi and Sarah at the airport then headed east-ish to get me back to Crater Lake Rim Village. It was good to be back on my feet. I’ve had a great break and a lot of fun, really been made part of their family but the trail goes on and so must I. With pizza and blueberries stuffed into my pockets I waved a final goodbye and walked north. I did less than two miles and found a great spot from which to watch tonight’s show. It’s cold now so I’m hiding in my sleeping bag but in a few hours I’ll wake to see the Perseids lighting up the night sky.


Crater Lake

*early the next morning*

Well the shower wasn’t as impressive as I had hoped and I didn’t manage to get any of it on my camera but I did see quite a few shooting stars and one directly overhead left a smoke trail.

More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Crater Lake to Mt Thielsen

Distance today: 1.5 miles. Total distance: 1836.1 miles

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  1. Peter Says:

    Smoke trail? Rock on! (Pun intended ;P)