2007-07-28 Crazy Crickets

July 28th, 2007

Two gadget accidents today. At the first good water source I slipped on a rock and plunged my foot into the creek. Jumping quickly to get it out, my shirt pocket swung open and dropped my iPod in the water. It seems to work ok, but it has paused three times when I didn’t tell it to. At the last water source of the day I tried to avoid that mistake. I pocketed my iPod and set my camera down safely. I was more than an hour away and 1000ft higher when I realised I hadn’t picked it back up again. After a bit of shouting and swearing I took off down the hill. Without my pack on I can move pretty fast. I’d seen a car at the road not far from the stream and the fear of a day hiker taking the camera away made me risk shin splints and face-planting into the trail at full speed. As I thundered down the path to where I hoped it would be I found Old Corpus and Gary just 30 yards from the stream carrying my camera. Major relief.


Old Corpus and Gary

So I hiked back up the hill and to my pack where I found the weirdest thing. There were dozen of crickets swarming over my pack. Some of them in pairs all over each other. I wonder what made them so keen on the bag.


Castella had a limited and expensive selection of snack foods so I’ve run a bit low on this section. I have found I need at least 5 bars per day, one of which needs to be a big chocolate boost (Snickers or PayDay Chocolate Avalanche do well) and one protein bar. Then I need lunch, a box of Wheat Thins with peanut butter or cheese can do three days. Dinner is a choice of instant noodles with foil-packed tuna or chicken, or mac-n-cheese, couscous with meat or a freeze-dried meal if I’m splurging. When I send my food boxes from Ashland I’ll be including all that, plus some dried fruit.


Pitcher plants

today’s food fantasy: Real, juicy mangoes. Dried ones will do in a pinch, but I just ate the last one.

More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Castle Crags to Etna

Distance today: 25.3 miles. Total distance: 1588.6 miles

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