Resting in Truckee

July 4th, 2007

Hi folks. I’ve reached Truckee and will be sending a proper update as soon as possible. For now all you need to know is I have ice packs, a hot tub, a lazy-boy couch and a giant TV. Thanks for all your concern, I’ll be fit as a fiddle in no time.

I’ve added some videos to previous entries

I’ll be sending a memory card back to dad tomorrow and that should mean a bunch of new photos in a couple of weeks.

Distance today: 28.5 miles. Total distance: 1154.8 miles

5 Responses to “Resting in Truckee”

  1. Denis Says:

    And keep drinking that cranberry juice.

  2. Bex Says:

    Good to hear that you are now resting up Craig! It has been a harrowing few days for you and you probably shouldn’t have pushed yourself so hard but now that you are in Truckee I hope you can relax, rest well, heal, and then get back out there at a slightly more relaxed pace! Take care of yourself!

  3. Jan and Jim Hawkins Says:

    Greetings from University City in San Diego where we had a big community 4th of July celebration in Standley Park on Governor Drive. We’ve been following your progress and send you lots and lots of extra energy for the continuation of your hike. Are you near the head of the pack now? You must have encountered the Tahoe fire but we didn’t see mention of it. We were in Washington state two weeks ago and crossed the PCT at Rainy Pass and at Chinook Pass, with many fine memories of past hikes.

    Take care,
    Jan and Jim

  4. Craig Says:

    Well I’m just ahead of “the herd”, but the real front runners are a week or more further on.

  5. Alison Says:

    So very pleased to know that you have stopped awhile to rest up and give your leg time to heal. The journey (experiences you have had, people you have met, places you have visited along the way) is far more important than the destination. I agree with the suggestions for a more relaxed pace. Putting it simply. It isn’t a race. We value your wellbeing. Your long term health is more important than a short term goal.