2007-06-29 Knowing when to quit

June 29th, 2007

If there was a class on When To Quit I’d fail it. Today makes my third 30 miler in a row and I’m borderline about to take a pain-killer pill Dad left for me. Back to the beginning…

I felt like I was sleeping in when I ignored my watch alarm and didn’t get up until 6 when the mosquitoes starting dive bombing me. After yesterday’s undue undulations I feel this morning’s ridge was much more Pacific Cresty. I spent a while being buffeted about by the cold wind and did what I assume to be my last snow crossing. The pourous volcanic rock meant no standing water and thus no little blood suckers. The familiar black rock with lichen motif reminded me of home, but the snow-capped sierras behind let me know where I really was.

PCT sign

big ridge before Sonora Pass

PCT sign

Sun cups in the snow

Sonora Pass was short and sweet. I had secretly hoped for some trail magic, like a box of chocolate or Meadow Ed with a BBQ. But no one was there and I went up to 10,000ft for the last time all alone. The view was nice the air was clean but I wanted to get moving. The afternoon sure did drag out. Plodding down a canyon I began to wonder if boredom could end a hike. I hope not. Some time in here my foot started aching again and if Old Corpus hadn’t said he’d seen Vortex and Blue Sky yesterday I would have given in to the ache a long time ago.

PCT sign

As it was I went on. Probably very unwisely and adding more stress to whatever particular tendon is being over-worked. A south-bounder said he saw people matching their descriptions heading for Golden Lake. Well I’m nearly there now but the light faded and I’m too sore to be much more use tonight. The search continues tomorrow, much slower and with a lot more sitting down.

PCT sign


More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Tuolumne Meadows to Sonora Pass

Distance today: 30.8 miles. Total distance: 1033.6 miles

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2 Responses to “2007-06-29 Knowing when to quit”

  1. Rachael Says:

    I thought you said you were going to take it easy for the next day! I’m with Bex – you need to look after yourself, especially with that recurring niggle in your foot…

  2. Dave Says:

    What she said… I know it may be hard to contemplate, but you are better off resting for a day than spending three days worn out and sick. You’re not alone out there!! You have a whole heap of kiwi mates back home that you are carrying weightlessly on your back.