2007-06-06 T-t-t-temperature D-d-drop

June 6th, 2007

The storm passed last night and left clear blue skies, but it was still cold all day. I walked up to the campground to be sure I have covered all the PCT and walked back in time for a ride to Irelan’s for another big breakfast there. I wish I’d had the chance to try Grumpy Bear so I could recommend one over the other but the chance never came.

Dad turned up in the afternoon and we talked, packed and ate until the store closed. A package I sent forward from Agua Dulce still hadn’t arrived despite it being 2+ weeks since I left and it supposedly being sent Priority Mail. Not cool.

Tom, the excellent local who set up an internet cafe, gave us a ride to the campground around 5 and we set off into the Sierras. It was a cold night for sure and it was quite dark as we cooked by the trail. Old Corpus has since told me it was 39F degrees (5C) but I still cowboy camped.

More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Kennedy Meadows to Crabtree Meadows

Location – somewhere north of Crag Creek.

Distance today: 7.3 miles. Total distance: 709.1 miles

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