2007-05-31 Desert Interlude

May 31st, 2007

As I lay here in the shade of a Joshua Tree I wonder what was going through the mind of the car that passed by a little while ago. It was a red mini-van/people mover. The driver wore a flowery dress and dark sunglasses. I saw it roll up to the crest of the saddle the fall back out of view only to come up again but this time pull over to the sand and stop. With the engine off the driver spoke to her passenger, looked around and spotted me, I waved and immediately she started the car, spoke to her passenger again and left. Just as they disappeared from view she looked up to my shady spot and I waved goodbye. I wonder if they wanted some “alone time”, though it feels far too hot for that sort of carry on. They could have just been looking for a spot for nude sunbathing in which case the sight of me in my tight sporty boxer shorts wouldn’t really have worried them. Did I mention this was around noon, in the desert, on a hot day?

PCT sign

A water cache provided by PCT supporters

A few minutes before the shy couple drove by an airforce cargo plane nearly crashed on me. It came in over the ridge less than its own wing span above the ground and wavered its way east, then swung north down Kelso Valley at a frightening low altitude before disappearing out of view 10 miles away. I saw its shadow below it and the pilot was still having fun, or about to wet himself.
PCT sign

How low can you go?

*continued 12 miles later at my camp site*

After leaving my siesta I crossed Butterbredt Road just in time to catch a truck (a ute to us Kiwis) coming by. They stopped to say hi and offer help. With full bottles from the cache and enough food to get me through there was just one thing I was low on, toilet paper. Thankfully now I can poop with abandon and I won’t need to gather sticks, leaves or horned toads before hand.

The dry and dusty trail

The dry and dusty trail (used horned toads not shown)

Though still in the Sierra Nevada range the trail has dropped down to the desert for 20 miles. I’m most of the way across and by lunch time tomorrow I should be in Sequoia National Forest.

P.S. I’ve just passed 1000km, woot!
More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Tehachapi to Kennedy Meadows

Distance today: 19.4 miles. Total distance: 622.8 miles

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One Response to “2007-05-31 Desert Interlude”

  1. Denis Says:

    Ah, that reminds me to bring toilet pater. I don’t want to be responsible for wiping out the endangered horned toad. Sounds nasty

    Now I’m wondering how those yellow-legged frogs came about.