2007-05-30 I think I’m alone now

May 30th, 2007

Another listless night on the hill. I kept waking up, one time I saw Blue Sky and Vortex packing, the next time they were gone. I didn’t leave until 6, taking a moment to fashion a spout out of a discarded bottle so that the next bunch of hikers can get clean running water quicker than we did.

A couple of hours later I came across some good sized bear tracks on the trail. As large as my hand they showed it was heading towards Mexico and had been there before the other two passed by. I saw two more bear sets today and one from a bobcat (or maybe a small mountain lion). Though I am officially in the Sierra Nevada mountain range now, and have been since starting yesterday, it wasn’t until nearly lunchtime that the changes starting appearing. First some wild flowers of unknown types, then lupins in blue and white, then came the pines and the oaks. Lunch was in the shade of these trees where the only sounds are wind and flying insects, except for the voices in my head and the occasional whisper of a song that is playing on internal sound track. Apart from two people in a jeep on Jawbone Canyon Road just after I crossed it I haven’t seen or heard another person all day.

PCT sign

Tonight I’m camping alone in the sierras. This really excites me. I’ve got a cool spot on a small saddle. The pines are tall and have left a wide clearing (thus no chance of sap dripping on me or killer 1 kilo pine cones dropping on me) through which I will have an excellent view of the night sky and I intend to watch it.

I’m just south of another Cottonwood Creek the third or fourth I’ve passed so far. They really need more original names. I’d have called it Chezzwozzer :-)
More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Tehachapi to Kennedy Meadows

Distance today: 21 miles. Total distance: 603.4 miles

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One Response to “2007-05-30 I think I’m alone now”

  1. Peter Andrew Stanton Says:

    Calling Cottonwood Creek ‘Chezzwozzer’ and casually mentioning the voices in your head is not enough! Hurry up and go mad already!