2007-05-24 Back to the Saufley’s

May 24th, 2007

I know it seems strange but I actually hitched south today. I’d called the Saufley household to see if my bounce box had arrived and found out that Davy (Old School) and Paul (Potential 178) where there. Add that to an ankle blister from running yesterday and the catered meal they were about to have (thanks to a 2004 hiker’s mum) and I had to go back.

First I played frisbee golf with Joe Anderson and 4 others. Those official frisbees are a lot harder to throw than I thought, never seeming to go as far as you think that throw would take them.

I got back here and have been catching up on trail stories. I heard about Moonshadow’s brush with heat-stroke on the drop down from North Fork Ranger Station and more karaoke high-jinks in Wrightwood. The meal was pretty good, real chicken, real lettuce and my favourite, real strawberry.

Tomorrow morning I am going to try to get Davy to drive me and a bunch of packs to the Anderson’s house. Slack packing for some others to payforward what Squatch did for me. I’ll then get hiking and pull a few 25s to catch up with Vortex and Blue Sky. I say I’ll try Davy because though he has agreed to it Monty also agreed to do it, and was even starting to collect gas money from the people the I was trying to help by taking their packs forward. Hmmm :-/
More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Aqua Dulce to Tehachapi

Distance today: 0 miles. Total distance: 477.6 miles

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2 Responses to “2007-05-24 Back to the Saufley’s”

  1. are we there yet Says:

    Hi, RT responded to an e-mail I sent him and made reference to meeting up with you in mid-June. He mentioned this web site. Last year I followed the thru hikers via RT and Elevator’s journals. But, sorry to say, those two friends are not thru hiking this year so I’m anxious to find someone to “follow along with”. Might that be you? :) Are you a great, really good guy? Easy to read? Good photos? I’ll hang around journal for awhile or till you kick me off :)


  2. Craig Says:

    Sure I’m a really great guy, easy on the ears and the eyes. You may stay as long as you like, though after October it’ll get kinda quiet around here.