2007-05-23 Slacking it to The Anderson’s

May 23rd, 2007

Disaster at Hiker Heaven: Water Shortage! During some late night revelry one poor hiker stumbled over a vital part of the sprinkler system, snapped off a valve and created an 8ft geyser in the back yard. The wash of which was very visible in the morning as was the lack of water for the property because they’re on a tank rather than mains, and it was now empty.

Just as I was leaving Squatch and Neighbour-J said goodbye and mentioned they’d see me at the Anderson’s house tonight. Then I had the bright idea that they could take my pack and I’d get a very easy walk with just water and snacks. They agreed and I set off much lighter than all those early birds also hoping to make it 24 miles to Green Valley.

I soon reached Scatman and Wounded Knee’s water cache where they’d left some for me, then caught up with Troll and Oblivious. Troll was having foot trouble so I offered to carry something to lighten his load and I was given 10+ lbs of food. I regretted that pretty quickly but still managed to get it the whole way. I ran into a bunch at lunch time and a few more at the Anderson’s Oasis cache about 7 miles from the end.

From there I walked with Riddle for a while and she set me such puzzles as
     ”The maker didn’t want it, the buyer didn’t use it, the user didn’t see it.
     What was it

     ”A man lies dead in a field, he’s wearing tights and a rock is nearby.
      What happened?

Answers on a postcard please.

If you’ve got ones along those lines send them in now so I can pass them on.

Vortex caught up surprisingly quickly, he’d been running. Once I finished my apple I joined in too and we took off at quite a pace. By the time we hit the road I’d done 24.2 miles in 9.5 hours including meal breaks. Not marathon speeds but I was in long sleeves, trousers and carrying a heavy sack of food.

I’m at the Anderson’s house now. Casa de Luna they call it and it’s a very casual atmosphere. Big taco salad dinner and then the story of how and why they started trail angeling. I preferred the stories about messing with hikers, like picking up hitchhikers and warning them about “those crazy Andersons” only to park in the driveway and reveal they are the loonies themselves.
More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Aqua Dulce to Tehachapi

Distance today: 24.2 miles. Total distance: 477.6 miles

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