2007-05-13 Deep Creek Animal Attack!

May 13th, 2007

Scatman and Ultra Brite passed me and I slowly dragged myself out of my bag. When I saw them again they told me about bear tracks not five minutes from my spot, I missed them completely.

It was a hot dry morning and I just plugged on. At the Deep Creek bridge I found a bag of goodies from Meadow Ed and then Junkfood and Amir came along to top it up. It wasn’t until a couple of miles north of there that I found Ed himself coming south from visiting the prayer flags put up for his friend No-Way-Ray who sadly fell to his death from that spot last year.

Big Pine Cone

Craig, at left, discusses the effects of prolonged sun exposure with a local
There were a few sketchy points today, going across steep grit slopes going down to rocks and the creek. At Willow creek, after a hotter drier afternoon, I tipped my head into the pool and it felt so good. I’d been rationing my water in case it was dry and I had to go all the way to the hot pools but luckily I could refill there and not from the stream that is down hill from all the people that use this valley.

I could tell I was getting close to the hot pools when a local came along the path. How did I know he was a local? Well he didn’t have a pack, or a shirt, or pants (of either type). There was more of this sort of behavior at the pools themselves, only some hikers got into the swing of things, mostly locals. The pools themselves have been formed around natural springs. Someone cemented a few rocks together, put a pipe into another section and generally made it an awesome hangout for us.

Now someone has handed out beer and whisky and at least one of us is making the most of it. See it’s not all about getting dirty and sleeping under the motorway, sometimes there are nudist colonies to interrupt too.

Oh yeah, the animal attack. I had stopped to get water and put my pack down next to a large rock. I filled my bottles and slung on my pack. Right then as I tightened the straps I felt a sudden pain near my stomach. I adjusted my belt again, crushing the ant in the process, and continued on the day.

What, you were expecting Jaws VI: In The Creek?

More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Idyllwild to Wrightwood

Distance today: 18.4 miles. Total distance: 303.8 miles

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