2007-04-26 My First Nero

April 26th, 2007

Nero = nearly zero. I only did 1.8 miles of the official PCT today and I even slack-packed it. The Warner Springs loop, which quite a few people miss because they road walk into town and road walk out of town. Davy and I left our packs behind and walked the loop. A very pleasant walk over rolling meadows and woods. I could really get used to the wandering life. With only one of my front pockets and a single pole it was much more comfortable than the last week.

After that we just sat around at the gas station waiting for a ride to the Kickoff party where I am now. Tomorrow night there’ll be 600 hiking folk here, not all of them doing it this year though. I heard almost 400 had applied for a permit, and that’s for all hikes over 500 miles so there are some that aren’t thru-hikers.

Tonight the DVD of photos from 2005 was shown. It really hit home what an adventure is ahead of me. The incredible range of landscapes and conditions that I’ll go through and need to be prepared for. And so many people in that room have done it all. They amaze me and I can’t wait to join their ranks.

Location: Lake Morena Campground

More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Campo to Warner

Distance today: 1.8 miles. Total distance: 110.4 miles

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