2007-04-23 Scissors Crossing (no running)

April 23rd, 2007

Today was an easy day, only 9.2 miles and pretty much all down hill. It started in the shade of a cloud forming over the next mountain so we each packed up and headed down to the desert to dry out. I haven’t seen Jacob or Gretta since but they did sign in at the Scissors Crossing water cache. The cache is an awesome gift from three 2003 hikers that helps (along with 3rd Gate) hikers cross the dry stretch caused by traversing the San Felipe hills rather than Volcan Mountain as was the original PCT plan.

Desert Trail

By 2 pm I’d crossed Highway 78 and didn’t like the look of the hill in the heat, so I slept under a bush, as one does when you have no place else to go. A couple of hours later as I was about to start going up I looked south and spied an encampment. At that point only four were there but later on Caitlin, George and Rachel rolled in so now eight of us are tucked up in our own tents/tarps. Rachel actually made her own which is impressive and I’m eyeing Mark’s one with envy. I’ll see models like that at Kick Off and it’ll be good to have a backup in case my Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1 goes bung.

The motorbike that just roared past reminds me that we’re still close to civilisation, and the fart from a nearby tent reminds that we’re also getting away from it.
Highway 78 near Scissors Crossing
Location: Scissors Crossing, Highway 78

More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Campo to Warner

Distance today: 9.2 miles. Total distance: 76.6 miles

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