2007-04-22 After the Windy Ridge

April 22nd, 2007

A windy ridge isn’t the surest spot for a tent, and one of the pegs blew out during the night just to prove it. I packed up and left without breakfast hoping to find a sheltered place later. It was pretty cold so if you’d seen me in the first few miles you might have thought I was heading to somewhere polar not strolling alongside the desert as I was.
It was patchy cloud and windy all day, so I am still struggling with costume changes. I think I’ll ditch the t-shirts from home and carry just the icebreaker top and a shirt from REI that does well in warm weather.
I passed a guy today that really didn’t want to be social. While all the other hikers I’ve seen are keen to compare stories and background this guy was monosyllabic and when he passed Rachel and I at a water cache didn’t even wave or break his stride. Each to his own. My feet are blistering up, my saunter has become a stagger and my trekking poles more like walking sticks. I’ve managed to get to almost 70 miles in four days which I think is plenty, but Jacob and Gretta (both stayed at the Mann’s) set off three days ago and are camping here tonight. We’ve settled in early due to a reported rain storm coming over the hill. After that the outlook is good for the week.

P.S. End of day four = new socks!
Location: about 10m from the water tank

More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Campo to Warner

Distance today: 20 miles. Total distance: 67.4 miles

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