2007-04-21 After the Storm

April 21st, 2007

whoo weee it was cold this morning. Snow in patches around the camp ground. I’d been in the tent since about 4 the day before so I was glad to get up and stretch. The trail was really pretty with a few inches of snow sitting on the bushes. There were no other footprints where I returned to the trail so I was the first one through that morning. Soon I saw one, and then three different pairs that had been there first. I caught up with Caitlin and George in a few hours and they’d been forced to camp on the trail during last night’s storm. The other footprints were Davy’s who had done the same thing and found 3 inches for snow on his tent. I marched on now and made it to the campground at Burnt Rancheria were I dried my stuff in the sun and attended to my little toe, which is more blister than toe now.

After the Storm

At Mount Laguna all four of us sat in the sun for a while, Davy without his pack as he checked into the lodge for a night. We young ‘uns carried on separately and now I am looking down to the Anza Borrego Desert over 4000ft below. It’s going to be cold up here on the ridge, but I don’t expect snow again for a while.

Met an interesting old timer today, here’s what he said:

“humaner humerner gurgle big tree mumble mabagamana last tuesday humhunmun made great fire wood”

I think he cut up a big tree that had fallen on the trail. Good on him.

Location: dirt track on hill edge of the Laguna Mountain

More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Campo to Warner

Distance today: 15.4 miles. Total distance: 47.4 miles

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