2007-04-20 What a Difference a Day Makes

April 20th, 2007

What a difference a day makes. I woke to cloudy skies and after a few of yesterday’s hikers passed by my little spot I got my stuff packed and headed north. The cloud cover made it really nice for walking, no worries about heat exhaustion today. Lunch with Caitlin & George was nice. They shared miso soup which I really didn’t expect out here. I set off alone from there and a light drizzle started as I passed Karen. For a moment it turned to hail but for the rest of the afternoon it has been just cold and continuous rain. I think I have heard thunder. I came down to Cibbets Flat camp ground in the hope of some shelter, but apart from hiding in the toilet block (they have long drops in America too) I’m out of luck. So I put up my tent in the wind and rain using my string design and freezing my fingers off in the process. Cooked under the fly sheet and then put up the inner tent, keeping most of my stuff dry as I planned. The ranger here said it might snow down to 4000 ft tonight!

I’m at 4200.

This is really making me think about how hard this is going to be. It’s a pretty miserable afternoon here and there may be worse to come, I’m surprised it happened so early, so early that quitting just isn’t an option. Oh for a mountain hut.

Update (6am on day 3): Yes it snowed last night. Not much in the camp ground but I’ve another 2000 ft to get over tonight.
Location: Cibets flat camp ground

More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Campo to Warner

Distance today: 11 miles. Total distance: 32 miles

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