2007-04-19 Face North and Start Walking

April 19th, 2007

I’ve done it, I’ve actually started walking to Canada. It’s been a long time coming but now there are just 2635 miles left.
The day started early as I bid fair well to the Manns. They have been awesome all week as has Jan who drove Caitlin, George, Blacksnake and me to the border. After the regulatory poses on and around the monument we set off around 7:40 and eventually separated as each took to their pace and their rest stops. It was a cloudless day, though slightly cooler than it has been. The path is easy to follow and I only referred to the maps once to confirm how far along the road I was supposed to go. Some time early on I pulled to a halt upon seeing a snake across the path. I took a photo first then hit my poles on the ground, boy did it ever rattle! For a moment it curled up, but quickly moved away and I got by without trouble. I saw a smaller, non-rattle snake later, almost trod on it too. Including myself I saw 12 PCT hikers today, the season is really picking up and a lot of people will be starting this weekend for sure.

Hauser Creek was dry but had a good place to sit before tackling Hauser Butte. It takes a strange sort of mind set to leave dappled shade on soft grass to climb a 1000 ft path in the sun.

After leap-frogging Blacksnake, Duck-Snort (apparently it is some kind of throw in baseball) and two brothers from Michigan I reached Lake Morena in time for dinner, but moved on afterwards to spend my first night on the trail alone in the wild. I heard it is going to hit freezing tonight, so though it is only 7:30 pm I am snug in my bag for the night.

Lesson for the day: Butte is pronounced Beaut not Butt.

More photos of this day’s journey can be found at Campo to Warner

Distance today: 22 miles. Total distance: 21 miles

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