One week to go

April 6th, 2007

According to my countdown widget I have just 7 days and 9 hours until I board a plane and start this silly adventure. This week I received my New Zealand passport. It appears I need an NZ passport to reenter the country when I am coming home. If I tried to come back in on my UK passport I’d have to have a ticket to leave again or they’d not let me in, despite the fact that I am still me and I am still a citizen. Stupid regulations if you ask me. I also got my Canadian entry permit, so that when I sneak across the border out there in the woods I can turn myself in to the authorities and they won’t stress out about how I managed to leave the US without the customary retina scan, DNA sample and cavity probe.
In my last week I am gathering maps, packing up home and trying to sell off some of my larger possessions. Anyone need a motorbike or a futon? I’m getting a new datalogger due to connecting it to a malfunctioning wall supply that made my current device let out a little smoke. I’m just a little nervous that the new one won’t get there in time. Like a bunch of other things I have had it sent directly to my gracious hosts Scout and Sandy in San Diego. My new camera is there, memory cards, gaitors, and the Data Book that Amazon managed to loose the first time.

Distance today: 0 miles. Total distance: -1 miles

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